Completed Projects of Behro Consulting Engineers Co

  •  Employer Consultant in Tehran District 12 tramway project

  •  Employer Consultant in Tehran District 22 tramway project

  •  Employer Consultant in feasibility study for Qom metro project

  •  Design of Golshahr commercial-office complex

  •  Design of Azadi underpass

  •  Supervision on equipment and utilities of Tehran metro line 2 east extension

  •  Employer Consultant in providing tender documents for supplying 630 metro car for Tehran metro lines

  •  MC in Urmia traffic studies project

  •  System Engineering designer in Karaj Metro Line 2

  •  Design of Shahid Kolahdooz station & depot in Tehran metro line 4

  •  Design of F2 & I2 stations in Karaj metro line 2

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