Railway and Road Transportation field of Behro Consulting Engineers Co.

The special geographical and strategic location of Iran and being at crossroads of the world has given it a special transit advantage. The development of transportation network, especially the rail type, has undoubtedly played a key role in balanced and sustainable development, and its decisive contribution to GDP and its prerequisite role in the development of economic, trade, industrial, agricultural and other economic and social sectors and in particular, its high employment rate, is very significant. High safety, low energy consumption, reduction of accidents, low environmental consequences, lower travel and rail transport costs and lower maintenance costs are important features of rail transport. The railway transportation industry is one of the main indicators of development, so that the amount of existing lines in relation to the country's population is one of the factors considered in countries classification.

Railway and Road Transportation

Services of Behro Consulting Engineers Co. in Railway and Road Transportation field  

In line with the comprehensive, integrated and scientific approach to the megaprojects of rail and road transport industry, Behro consulting engineers have created the necessary specialized departments in its organization so can provide qualified engineering services and project management in following fields:

  • Heavy urban railway (metro)
  • Light urban rail transit (tramway & LRT)
  • Intercity railway
  • High speed railway
  • Road

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