Rolling Stock, Depot and Railway Operation field of Behro Consulting Engineers Co.   

Increasing the level of service of urban and suburban rail rolling stock is one of the major goals of development of rail transport. Given the complexity, high cost and specialization of rolling stock, it should provide services in this area by creating related specialized departments and implementing a system for interaction and handling of interfaces. Among the most important areas that are directly related to this sector are operation and depot; because on the one hand in each railway project, the study of operation system as an upstream document is the basis for policy-making and subsequent decisions in other technical subdivisions of the project, and on the other hand, analyzing the current situation of rolling stock, investigating the causes of problems and finally providing solutions in order to optimize or solve the problem for saving time and money and increasing system safety, as well as to establish effective communication between various components of railway system in order to support the operation of the schedule, repairs and maintenance, especially during peak hours of operation are specialized task of depot sector.

The scope of services of this deputy includes a wide range of services including project planning and management, design management, studies and design, supervision (including supervision of construction, transportation, testing, commissioning and training) and this company hopes that relying on the ability of this deputy experts, to expand its field of services to other types of rail transportation (high-speed, intercity, etc.).

Rolling Stock, Depot and Railway Operation

Services of Behro Consulting Engineers Co. in Rolling Stock, Depot and Railway Operation field

  • heavy urban rail transport (metro)
  • Light urban rail transit (tramway & LRT)
  • ART & Rail Bus
  • Intercity passenger railway
  • Intercity freight railway
  • High speed railway
  • Depot (determining strategy and needed repairs, designs and providing specifications of relevant equipment)
  • Operation (designing lines and switches layout, submission of various relevant reports for different lines)
  • Provide and development of relevant software
  • Train movement simulation

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