Members of board in Behro Consulting Engineers Co

هیئت مدیره مهندسین مشاور جامع بهرو

Behro consulting engineers has tried to institutionalize metro engineering as a collection of specialized knowledge in various technical fields, taking advantage of the latest scientific achievements.

Looking to the future, Behro strives to plan its development strategies by establishing new management systems and with a knowledge-based perspective, relying on new and up-to-date engineering knowledge and trusting on its engineering capability to play a more effective role to achieve an interconnected world and improve life quality.

Ali Rahimi

Chairman of the Board

39 years of work experience

AmirSaeid Niavarani
Vice Chairman of the Board
35 years of work experience
Davoud Parsapour
17 years of work experience
Sara Samaee
Member of the Board of Directors
15 years of work experience
Arman Reza Mohaddes
Member of the Board of Directors
33 years of work experience

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