Official operation of Boostan-e Gofetgou station, line 7 of Tehran metro

The official opening of Boostan-e Gofetgou station on Tehran metro line 7 is another service of Behro consulting engineers in the metro network of Tehran and metropolises of the country in the field of rail and road transportation. This station was officially put into operation and made available to the public on March 16, 2022, in the presence of the esteemed mayor of Tehran and a large number of officials from the metro industry and the municipality of Tehran.

General specifications of Boostan-e Gofetgou station

Boostan-e Goftegou (U7) Station is the 18th station of Tehran Metro Line 7 (from the beginning of the line, respectively) is located next to Chamran Highway, between Jalah Al-Ahmad and Hakim Highways, in km 19 of Line 7. This station will be one of the strategic and important stations in the passenger capacity of Tehran metro network due to its special geographical location (Goftegou Park, Flower and Plant Exhibition and Gisha Neighborhood).

This station is located in District 2 of Tehran, in the busy Gisha neighborhood, which is in a very important and effective position in terms of population density as well as proximity to recreational and commercial centers.

Boostan-e Gofetgou location in Tehran urban area

The length of this station is 160 meters, of which 100 meters executed using Cut & Cover method and the remaining 60 meters with Rib method. The main core of this station was initially used as a support shaft for TBM, which after completing the need for TBM, the construction of the station began and gradually completed and ready for operation. It should be noted that this station consists of 5 floors, of which 2 floors are related to the main space of the station (platform and ticket hall) and the remaining 3 floors are intended for administrative-cultural and entertainment purposes, which will be used in the future. This station has constructed with the maximum use of domestic products in order to support the country's manufacturing industries. For now, this station is being operated with one entrance and be fully operational at full capacity in the near future. It is worth mentioning that this station will be operated with 10 escalators and 4 elevators.

Key Features

  • Platform length: 160 m
  • Platform width: 14 m
  • Station depth: 35.45 m from top of rail
  • Area: about 20,500 m2 (9890 m2 in initial operation)
  • Number of entrances: 2 (one entrance in initial operation)
  • Number of escalators: 10 (all will be installed in initial operation)
  • Number of elevators: 6 (4 of which will be installed in initial operation)
  • Construction Method: Cut & Cover - Rib method
  • Number of ventilators: 4 (2 in tunnel, 2 in station)


  • Cut: 62,000 m3
  • Reinforcement: 5,559 tones
  • Concrete: 32,642 m3
  • Shotcrete: 6,460 m2
  • Stone work: 6,956 m2

Special Features

  • Access to important administrative, commercial and entertainment centers
  • Adjacent to Chamran and Jalal Al-Ahmad highways and access to Goftegou Park
  • Located in one of the most populous and busy neighborhoods of the city (Gisha)
  • Facilitate area traffic and access to other metro lines
  • Providing station complex services (in the future)
  • Execution of structures by Rib and Cut & Cover method

Three-dimensional view of Boostan-e Gofetgou station

Gallery Of Boostan-e Gofetgou station

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