Building and Structure field of Behro Consulting Engineers Co.

The country's infrastructure one of the indicators of development in various fields such as transportation, water, energy and housing management, etc. and provides various services to people and the country. The field of infrastructure acts as a stimulus for various economic sectors and due to its improving role of the citizen’s life quality, both in the field of government and in the private and public sectors attracts special attention to itself.

Infrastructure buildings include a wide range of structures such as tunnels, bridges, metro and railway stations, residential, commercial, office, health, sports and service complexes that require several specialized departments and establish a system for interaction and resolving interfaces between different areas of expertise.

In order to provide appropriate engineering services in infrastructure projects, Behro Consulting Engineers created specialized departments of architecture and urban planning, structures, basic studies, electrical and mechanical installations, traffic, geometric design and superstructure together and by establishing an appropriate interfaces management system, provide comprehensive engineering services. Behro services in all fields of engineering, including design of study phases, consulting, MC, supervision and project management in a variety of structures such as tunnels, metro stations, commercial, office and residential buildings, urban and interurban intersections and water transfer projects is provided with good quality and efforts are being made to expand the scope of these services to other areas of infrastructure, such as special buildings and structures, in future plans.


Creating, improving and reforming infrastructure is a sustainable strategy that plays an important role in development of the country by improving the citizen’s life quality. The role of comprehensive engineering services in this great goal is obvious and Behro provide infrastructure engineering services with the desired quality.

Services of Behro Consulting Engineers Co. in Building and Structure field  

  • Commercial, office and residential buildings
  • Special and multi-purpose complexes
  • heavy urban rail transport (metro)
  • Light rail transit (tramway & LRT)
  • High Speed Railway
  • Tunnels and underground spaces
  • Roads
  • Urban bridges and intersections
  • Urban traffic master plan
  • Basic studies

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