KarajUrban and Suburban Railway Organization (KUASRO) 

On 2001/12/22, by the announcement of the Articles of Association by the Minister of Interior, Karaj Urban and Suburban Railway Organization (KUASRO) officially started its activities with the mission of resolving problems in the continuation of construction of Karaj-Mehrshahr express train route and studies of mass rail transportation in Karaj.

In order to take advantage of domestic specialized scientific potential, the first rail scope of services in Iran has provided by KUASRO’s experts and cooperation of experts of the Ministry of Interior, Management and Planning Organization, Tehran Governor's Office, Tehran Metro Company, Karaj Municipality and competent consulting engineers, and approved by the Commission No. 3200 of Management and Planning Organization. Using mentioned scope of services, design of six metro lines for Karaj started. To determine the origin and destination of these lines, forty-eight thousand questionnaires were completed in Karaj, and in 2003, about 60 km of metro lines in Karaj was approved by the provincial traffic council and approved by the technical committee of the Supreme Traffic Council in the same year. Finally, the start of design and construction of the 2nd urban train lines in Karaj from Daneshgah square (Kamalshahr) to Andisheh T-junction with a length of 25 km and 26 stations was approved.

Karaj 6-line metro network has reached more than 100 kilometers after completing studies, which is the largest metro network in the country after Tehran. The KUASRO’s mission is always to implement the large project of approved metro lines and to provide the comfort of honorable citizens in Karaj and west of Tehran province.

Civil works, construction of tunnels, stations, installation of equipment and commissioning of the project carried out with the ability of engineers and experts in technical and civil, equipment and operation departments. Implementation of line 2 and other approved lines in Karaj will have a significant impact on reducing air pollution and traffic problems.

According to the studies, the implementation of Karaj metro lines will have many economic effects as follows:

  1. Reduction of travel time: 40%
  2. Reduction of gasoline consumption: 60%
  3. Reduction of diesel consumption: 50%
  4. Total reduction of death and injury costs: 35%
  5. Total reduction of financial costs and energy resources: 60%


 KarajUrban and Suburban Railway Organization (KUASRO)

The organization structure consisting of organization council, board of directors and inspector are as follows:

Organization Council

  • Governor of Alborz as the chairman of the council
  • Deputy Governor for Planning and Employment
  • Chairman of the Islamic Council of Karaj
  • Supervisor of the Islamic Council of Kara
  • Mayor of Karaj

Board of Directors

  • Deputy Governor of Alborz for Civil Affairs as Chairman of the Board
  • Mayor of Karaj
  • Managing Director of KUASRO
  • Two knowledgeable experts in urban train affairs on the proposal of mayor and the approval of the council of KUASRO.

High Advisory Committee

Considering the importance of comprehensiveness in study and implementation planning of urban railway lines, a specialized and expert board of senior managers of the province and city has been formed under the title of High Advisory Committee.

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