Following notification of "general policies of the administrative system" and "general policies to support Iranian goods and enhancement production" by the Supreme Leader, especially paragraphs 19 and 20, provide conditions and activate all facilities and financial resources and human and scientific capital of the country, share fair factors in the production to consumption chain commensurate with their role in creating value, reform and comprehensive strengthening of the country's financial system, saving the country's public costs by emphasizing fundamental change in structures, strengthening jihadi culture in creating added value with the approach of organization and uniformity in the process registration, certification and technical empowerment of the applicant suppliers in cooperation with Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company (Metro) and fair assignment of work, Behro Consulting Engineers provided consulting services to create this national platform. With proper implementation, the following results are expected to be achieved:

  • Creating and compiling a database of qualified suppliers
  • Fair work assignment to qualified suppliers
  • Transparency in outsourcing activities of Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company (Metro)
  • Increase health and administrative discipline
  • Increase economic prosperity and contribute to its dynamism
  • Preventing material and moral damages caused by selecting an unsuitable supplier that leads to delays in projects or termination of contracts and imposing financial and moral damage to the Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company (Metro).
  • Increase citizens' trust by providing clearer, more desirable and more efficient services
  • Integration of related systems
  • Continuous evaluation of supplier performance with improvement and development approach
  • Helping to increase the capability of domestic production with the approach of the policy of protection of Iranian goods

This project is defined to create a database and evaluate AVL suppliers and manufacturers, with a production enhancement approach and support domestic production, with the aim of creating and developing technical knowledge of domestic parts manufacturing, identifying and evaluating capable domestic manufacturers, as well as forecasting and meeting the needs of Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company (Metro) in the field of equipment localization.


How to register

  • Enter the site of Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company (Metro) at the following address:

  • Select Menu: In the "cooperation with us" section, select "equipment supplier cooperation" option.

Behro AVL

  • Study guide for registration of natural and legal suppliers
  • Completing relevant forms and uploading information

How to evaluate

After registering and completing the relevant forms by the applicants, through three processes (basic and general, financial and technical information) based on the defined executive structure of the AVL Secretariat, the technical committee located in the Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company (Metro) and defined technically criteria, the applicant companies will be reviewed and approved.

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