Design of I2 and F2 stations in Karaj metro line 2

Behro Consulting Engineers, as a consultant for design and supervision of the two stations of the first phase of operation of Karaj metro line 2, has played an important role in creating and constructing these two stations and achieving several years of efforts to operate the first Karaj metro line.

Introduction of F2 and I2 stations of Karaj metro line 2

Due to the fact that the E2 station has been out of the design and implementation phase due to construction and land acquisition issues, 2 stations in which Behro Consulting Engineers have been active since 2012 are introduced:

  • F2 station

F2 station is located at the intersection of Golshahr Street and Shahid Beheshti Boulevard in Karaj. Considering short distance between this station and Golshahr station on Tehran-Karaj line (line 5), it can play the role of connecting these two lines and have a significant amount of passenger capacity.

  • I2 station

I2 station is located at the intersection of Azadi Street and Shahid Beheshti Boulevard. Due to the fact that this station is located at the beginning of Karaj exit toward Tehran, it has a good attraction for passengers.

Both stations designed by Behro Consulting Engineers have the same general specifications. However, due to the location and condition of the acquired lands and restrictions on access, they inevitably have a different design.

Technical specifications of F2 and I2 stations of Karaj metro line 2



Station Area

14,000 m2


100,000 m3


55,000 m3

Station Depth

18 ~ 19 m

Platform Length

160 m

Platform Width

3.8 m

Station Width (main part)

14 m

Platform Construction Method

Underground (Rib) Method

Platform Location

Under Shahid Beheshti Boulevard

Passenger Saloon Location

North Side of Shahid Beheshti Boulevard

Number of Floors of Passenger Saloon

2 (Passenger & Utilities)

Passenger Saloon Construction Method

Open Trench

Passenger Saloon Occupancy

1,500 m2

No. of Entrance

2 (Northern & Southern)

Northern Entrance

Portal – Elevator – Stairs - Escalators

Northern Entrance Occupancy

300 m2

Southern Entrance

Portal – Elevator – Stairs – Escalators - Ticket Sales Room - Passenger Gate

Southern Entrance Occupancy

450 m2

No. of  Escalators


No. of Single - Stage Elevators

2 Elevators from street level to the south platform from the south entrance

No. of Two - Stage Elevators

2 Elevators from street level to passenger saloon  in north entrance and 2 elevators from passenger saloon to north entrance

Elevators Capacity

Three 6-person and three 13-person elevators

Heating and Cooling System in Office Spaces


Ventilation of office spaces

4th air conditioner (non-public spaces)

Station Ventilators

2 Tunnel ventilators and 1 public spaces ventilator


Design services for Karaj metro line 2 stations

Due to the fact that the contract for the Karaj metro line 2 project has been assigned to a design and construction contractor, it was necessary for contractor to cooperate with competent consultants in stations design. In this regard, basic and detail design of E2, F2 and I2 stations of this line was entrusted to Behro Consulting Engineers.

Basic design of these three stations was done in 2012. After completing and approving basic design, detail design of stations was done and approved by the employer consultant. However, due to the interruption in project, the continuation of work was postponed to 2018, when again Behro Consulting Engineers, using the design teams of architecture, structures and utilities, reviewed and submitted detail design of F2 and I2 stations according to the new situation of acquired lands, main employer and his consultant comments and by applying updated standards and criteria of project and construction of these two stations was continued based on the reviewed design.

At this stage, E2 stations was removed from the priority of design and construction due to construction and land acquisition issues, and therefore Behro Consulting Engineers at this station was terminated.


Supreme and site supervision services of Karaj metro line 2 stations

An appropriate measure taken by design and construction contractor in the Karaj metro line 2 project was that the supervision of construction operations of the stations was entrusted to the design consultants of the same station. In this regard, Behro Consulting Engineers with the establishment of supervision teams including experts in mining, civil, surveying, architecture, electricity and mechanic engineering in F2 and I2 stations and support by of design teams of structure, architecture, utilities and equipment of the head office played a role in this regard as the supreme supervision.

Currently, F2 staion is fully constructed and operational, and I2 station is under construction with 85% progress in the structure and 65% progress in the whole station. The cooperation of Behro Consulting Engineers in this sector has ended at the end of 2020.


Photo Gallery of Karaj metro line 2 staions
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