Opening of the northern entrance of Basij (B7) station

Basij (B7) station as the second station of Tehran metro line 7 at the intersection of Basij and Mahallati highways was opened in September 2019 with one entrance (southern entrance) to be used by citizens of the southeast of Tehran in the district 14.

Considering the need to open and operate the second entrances in each metro station in order to facilitate passengers' access and also to meet safety requirements, the second entrance of Basij station was on the agenda of Tehran metro in February 2021.

Completing the second entrance, the volume of passengers entering and leaving the station will increase and also will lead to ease of passengers' access to the station on both side of Mahallati highways and reduction of pedestrian accident. Basij station is located at a busy and dense area of District 14 of Tehran Municipality and provides easy access for citizens of east Tehran to the central areas of Tehran, including the Grand Bazaar, northwest of Tehran and important service centers by connecting to operating metro lines 1, 2 and 3.

tehram metro line 7

The station is about 17 meters deep and it is the second station from the beginning of line 7. For convenience of disable people, related elevators and escalators will be put into operation at opening time of the station.

Total area of Basij station is about 10,000 m2 and its depth is about 17 meters.

basij station behro

Key Features

  • Platform Length: 160 m
  • Construction Method: open trench
  • Area: 10000 m2
  • Average depth: 17 m
  • No. of entrances: 2
  • No. of active ventilators: 2 (1 in tunnel and 1 in station)
  • No. of escalators: 8 (6 in operation)
  • No. of elevators: 3 (1 in operation)


  • Excavation: 95000 m3
  • Reinforcement: 4000 tones
  • Concrete: 33000 m3
  • Surface Finishing: 9000 m2

Hoping continuing these successes, we would like to thank all the dear ones who have contributed to the creation of this beautiful station in Tehran from the very beginning, especially the hard-working team of Behro Consulting Engineers in Line 7.

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