Official operation of Aghdasiyeh station, line3 of Tehran metro

The official opening of the of Aghdasiyeh station in Tehran metro line 3, is another outstanding and effective engineering service of Behro Consulting Engineers in the Tehran and other Iran’s metropolises metro network.

Aghdasiyeh (W3) Station

Aqdasiyeh (W3) station is the last station of  Tehran metro line 3 that is operated. This station is located in Aqdasiyeh Street, near Aqdasiyeh Square, in the northea of the city, in District 1 of Tehran Municipality.

line3 of tehran metro

Station installed equipment

  • 2 LPS
  • Escalator installed for opening: 8 (12 in total)
  • Elevator installed for opening: 1 (5 in total)
  • Signaling
  • Clock
  • CCTV
  • Pager
  • Entrance gate
  • Telephone
  • Radio System
  • DWP

بهره برداری اقدسیه

Key Features

  • Platform Length: 160 m
  • Construction Method: Open trench method
  • Area: about 8,000 m2
  • Station depth: 23 m
  • No. of entrances: 2, one of which will be opened in future.

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