Official operation of Amir Kabir station, line 6 of Tehran metro

The official opening of Amir Kabir station in Tehran metro line 6, is another outstanding and effective engineering service of Behro Consulting Engineers in Tehran and other Iran’s metropolises metro network. Amir Kabir station was opened and put into operation on Thursday, December 17th in the presence of the President by video conference.

Amir Kabir station is located in 17 Shahrivar Street and reaches Imam Ali Highway from the east, Amin Hozour Bazaar from the west and Khorasan Square from the south.

ایستگاه امیرکبیر خط 6 مترو تهران

The depth of the station is about 30 m and in order to use public transportation for all citizens, especially physically disabled, all necessary facilities and equipment, including 8 elevators, 16 escalators, entrance ramps for the movement of disabled and blind people are supplied and put into operation. In addition, special equipment and other facilities put into operation at the same time as the opening including tunnel ventilation and air conditioning system, water fire extinguishing system, telecommunication system, video surveillance.

افتتاح ایستگاه امیرکبیر خط 6 مترو تهرانافتتاح ایستگاه امیرکبیر خط 6 مترو تهران

Key Features

  • Platform Length: 140 m
  • Construction Method: Underground – Rib-Pile method
  • Area: about 11,900 m2
  • Station depth: 23 m
  • No. of entrances: 2, which at this time, the eastern entrance next to the Amir Kabir tunnel parking lot was opened
  • No. of ventilators to be installed: 3 (2 in tunnel and 1 in station)
  • Number of installed escalators: 8
  • Number of elevators being installed: 4
  • The northern escape stairs are completely installed 


  • Excavation: 59,000 m3
  • Reinforcement: 3,500 tones
  • Concrete: 26,000 m3
  • Surface Finishing: 4,700 m2

 Hoping for continuation of these successes, all dear ones who have contributed to the creation of this beautiful station in Tehran, from the beginning until now, especially the hard-working team of Behro Consulting Engineers in Line 6, are appreciated and thanked.

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